KL Escorts : Ever notice why some Escort Girls are more popular than other Call Girls

How to increase your escort’s branding?

Why are my peers are more likeable than me?

– Reason : definitely is not just about beauty

the importance of an escorts popularity

Success in Escort’s Popularity

Peeking through one of an Escort Agency in KL, Kuala Lumpur; every manager surely notice this unanswered curiosity. Is it that her make up done better? Others are as beautiful, but why is that particular “normal looking escort girl” always stands out from the crowd?


Escorts in Kuala Lumpur mostly are sexy, pretty and beautiful. That is what a girl thinks or an Escort Lady thinks so to speak. But only a handful of escort girls can manage the secret behind the word “Aura”. The definition that is imply here are mostly focus on K.L. Escort  or Escort Agencies in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor.

The revealing truth that sets an Escort Girl flourishes is the vibe or an “Aura”  that she carries with her which will highlight what others feels when they are around her. Experience plays a huge part ; a truly experience Escort Lady will let men turn heads and even to the point of fantasizing. And that is what we define as “Player of the Game”, as for in this article the Popular Escort Girl.


In any workplace, clubs and even down to the street.  Confidence is the master key to every success. To being able to pull off a crowd that will notice an Escort is even more subtle. For an Escort Girl, no doubt surely there is a painful stories from their past and that would have break anybody’s self-esteem. Having confidence in an individual attitude can learn and nurture; but somehow it need time and it is not that easy to break a broken soul.

Supportive Peers

If an escort girl are the fresh members among their group or peers; an Escort Agency manager should be the coach of them all. Although it might seems impossible due to the nature of the competition involve but having a group of supportive colleagues will make a lot of difference when a new girl joins in. Having said that, Escort Agency in Kuala Lumpur seems to be lacking very much at this sector, coaching is as important as in every other aspect of games like football. Jealousy and feud among workers will instill a negative vibe for the customers.

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