Evolution of Escorts | Does Escorting evolve from prostitution…?

The World’s Oldest Trade = Escorting or Prostitution?

No one actually knows neither can any researchers proves it.

The red light district of Amsterdam 19th century

19th Century Amsterdam

Researchers from the evolutionary forensic science of Oxford define prostitution as the oldest trade in the world. Well, does escorting evolve from there or it is just a new trend of trade that it’s existence were naturally surface…?

Prostitution, sometimes referred to as the world’s oldest profession, arouses strong sentiment. It is defined as “the act or practice of engaging in sexual activity for money or its equivalent.” From a cross-cultural perspective, this definition can be problematic in that gift giving, of goods or money, often occurs in the context of courtship, extramarital affairs, and marital relationships. It is usually males who give such gifts to their sexual partner, even when females have the same degree of sexual freedom as males. Nevertheless, in the Malaysia it is illegal to be paid for a sex act, as it is in many other countries. Yet there is strong debate over the nature of the act and whether it should be considered a crime. This chapter examines the insight an evolutionary psychological perspective can provide on these issues; addresses the reasons for the existence of prostitution; and explores why it is a service almost exclusively provided to men, typically by women.

Does escorting be considered legal?

By far, there is no criminal law that binds the keyword “Escorts” to an illegal act of crime. However, prostitution can be prosecute as a crime if one does exchange sexual activities for monetary gain or in the terms of material gifts. In Malaysia, the above said activities were surfaced long before anyone can remember. Somehow, it is still frown upon till this very day.

Prostitutes, streets girls for hire, strips club… are still operating in a very grey area of the country. For some reason, the kind hearted nation do spend some sentiment on these trading girls; an interview with a few Malaysians, which commented on this matter mostly shared a shred of sympathy toward this particular trade as the girls were mostly due to near poverty and needless to say lack of education ( because money buys education and education is expensive ).


Escorting somehow or for some other reasons; people tend to bind these two trades as equals. An escort can be just a companion without engaging in sexual activities, an escort although mainly it is for monetary gain, mainly, it is paid as an agreement to be accompanied. The willingness to or not to have sexual relations still depends on how the night ends. If the guy is gentle or charming enough, he might get some “Happy Endings”.

From a standing point of view, Asian’s were considered rather introvertive, when a girl is paid as a companion to the opposite sex; judgement are pass without a slice of evidence that they were surely sleeping together. And these judgement goes beyond that! If a girl goes out with the opposite sex, they too are sleeping together!

But still till this very day, no one actually knows how an escort can be a euphemism for prostitute. To judge or to lend an understanding empathy towards these 2 groups of a total different trades still it is ours to own. Everyone has a need for survival and no one actually get hurt in any process of the 2 trades that were mentioned above. Both parties are on free will to give and to receive, neither do they were forcefully done. Still…. Whom are we to Judge?

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