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The world within us is changing rapidly and so is the escorts scene in Kuala Lumpur. Healthier living is promoting itself from any advertisement billboards we can see. In our main concern also is shift to prioritizing cleaner and healthier sex service. Right from a weekly health screen test to the overall sexual hygiene of our beloved ladies; we take serious measures that our customers are safe from health hazard.

Filtered Supervision

Every advertising that under the supervision of are rest assure that it is being monitor. As the company’s main focus onto the future of KL Escort is to influence the legacy which it influence. And that is to raise the mentality or ideology towards the future environment of the said businesses. In line with raising the quality of the services these businesses provides.

Agencies in Kuala Lumpur that provides quality services are only a handful. Though there are many of them but some are just lack of enthusiasm. Escort Girl Region Kuala Lumpur Directory filtered out most of unverified agencies and we will continue to do so for the legacy of KL escort service reputable standards.


Having say that; it is extremely important choosing which is your favorite escorts provider directory.  Self awareness of caution to 3rd party websites that offers various package that is too good to be true. Though Escorts Universal do monitor the agencies that are with us; but links that linked to them, Escorts Universal have no jurisdiction over them. However, Escorts Universal will definitely upkeep our peers and partners of advertising within a standardize level of qualities.

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